Overtone members dating


Attitude's new Style Issue includes a five-page special with surely Britain's most stylish 'manband', The Overtones.Alongside a stylish shoot of the gents looking handsome in (and out) of their suits, they tell Attitude their thoughts on everything from same-sex marriage to fake tan disasters.

Overtone is now ready to go out and make their music known to the general public.

"I can be a little, er, stubborn." Mark agrees, saying, "I'm not sure how I feel about marriage in general, given the statistics. Just that you meet them," says Mark), and Lachie shares his biggest tanning disaster: "I had to get a full body spray tan for a naked shoot and I had it done in town on a stupidly hot day then jumped straight back on a roasting tube train afterwards.

I had rivulets of brown streaming down every part of my body." Now there's a mental image for the fans.

Their music is a blend of all the musical influences of each member; resulting in a modern sound that infuses alternative rock and punk styles.

Overtone’s music touches a lot of topics, mainly about the personal experiences of the band members, which a lot of people will be able to relate to.

“You can get a bit gritty and naughty, and move around with all the finger clicks.”I suggest that with all that, he might have started the fashion for twerking a la Miley Cyrus, and suddenly, the chirpy essex boy looks just a little bit shy.

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