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While thus discharging with perfect success his manifold duties of major-domo (Egyp.mer-per ), Joseph was often brought in contact with the lady of the house, for at that time there was as much free intercourse between men and women in Egypt as there is among us in the present day.Any unauthorized use, without prior written consent of Catholic Online is strictly forbidden and prohibited.The eleventh son of Jacob, the firstborn of Rachel, and the immediate ancestor of the tribes of Manasses and Ephraim.He was born in Haran, of Rachel, Jacob's beloved and long-barren wife, and became the favourite son of the aged patriarch.After Jacob's return to Chanaan, various circumstances made Joseph the object of the mortal hatred of his brothers.He was next entrusted with the superintendence of his master's house, a most extensive and responsible charge, such as was unusual in large Egyptian households.

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He had witnessed some very wicked deed of several among them, and they knew that it had been reported to their father.

Moreover, in his partiality to Joseph, Jacob gave him an ample garment of many colours, and this manifest proof of the patriarch's greater love for him aroused the jealousy of Joseph's brothers to such an extent that "they could not speak peaceably to him".

These accounts present slight variations, which are examined in detail by recent commentators on Genesis, and which, far from destroying, rather confirm the historical character of the fact that, through the enmity of his brothers, Joseph was brought down to Egypt.

To protect themselves they dipped Joseph's fine garment into the blood of a kid, and sent it to their father.

Melito's contemporaries praise his skill in exegesis and comment on his ability to demonstrate parallels between the Old and New Testaments.

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