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He also created a math-themed puzzle, Complex Fruits, and collaborated with George (and others) on a number of politically themed puzzles based on then-current events, including Supreme Effort, Craftily Rerun Zodiac, Wall in the Family, and 56-Downed-Up Charges.

Most recently, his solo effort California Dreamin' was released just before the Indie 500 crossword tournament and California presidential primary, and was appropriate for both occasions.

When it turned out that GB's son Michael had also been a Cornell math major, a correspondence began; this culminated in a personal meeting at the Minnesota Crossword Tournament, in which Chris won the under 25 division.

Chris' first-ever byline was as a contributor to the All-Star team that created Citi-zens United, and he was the driving force a few months later behind Giving T. Then, relatively early in 2016, Chris celebrated a personal milestone with a spectacular debut puzzle on the side of a coffee mug.

Furthermore, I list their puzzles with me, and—in a few special cases—puzzles for which they are the honorees.

In a blog essay entitled "Notable Puzzles of 2013," Jim Horne says [of Martin] "I have no idea how he does it but I enjoy tackling these huge seas of white." We were proud to welcome Martin to our ranks and to host, on New Year's Eve 2013, his debut to our pages which was a themeless puzzle with an amazing quadruple stack.

This was followed two months later by another quad, this time a pangram.

Ever since, we've tried to couple either a quad or a double-quad on our site [complete with midrashim], coincident with Martin's MSM published puzzles [two of which are in collaboration with me, with several others accepted for publication], and we've also showcased Martin's flexibility by posting some of his themed puzzles.

Martin himself attended UVic in the late '70s, earning a B. in history, but with wide-ranging interests that include astronomy and science in general, skepticism, magic (as in card tricks, not the black kind), music (classical and electronic), and weightlifting.

Martin got started with a friend on cryptic crosswords for the student paper, but then became fascinated by the American-style wide-open grids by Mike Shenk, Merl Reagle and Henry Hook.

Although Chris solved crosswords on and off (but mostly off) during his undergraduate years, it wasn’t until he was in Qatar that he began to do the crossword every day, perhaps as a way to cope with the heat.

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