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It is extremely important to shorten the period between organizing the auction for the concession and the commencement of exploration period.

After that things are going relatively linear in defined time periods, with annual tasks, but this period is very long.

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I would like to thank our employees for their loyalty, patience and dedication.

The decision was based on personal considerations, independent of the company’s activity.

Board members thank him for his contribution over the past seven years and for promoting the company internationally as an important geological and geophysical services provider.

The remaining 80% can bring pleasant surprises in terms of reserves.

What should we do to revitalize exploration activity in Romania?

We know this challenging situation is temporary also because we have a great team to handle it and overcome it together.” May 19, 2015 The geophysical and geological prospecting company Prospectiuni Bucuresti (PRSN) has concluded the first three months of the year with a net profit of 9.2 million Lei, the best result for the first quarter of the last years, helped by favourable meteorological conditions that allowed it to continue the works for the existing contracts, but also due to the decrease of protests against shale gas.

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