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The report has been referred to the Metropolitan Police.' The revelations that Weinstein's alleged abuse may have also taken place in Britain were swiftly followed by the allegations by Dix, who says she was attacked in London's Savoy Hotel.

She was just 22 when she appeared in The Hour Of The Pig - released under the title The Advocate in America - alongside Colin Firth and Donald Pleasance.

Even after the arrival of an EMT four minutes into the video, no medical aid is provided to Garner.

He’s instead just loaded onto a stretcher and wheeled off.

Cops were investigating whether Garner was illegally selling “loosies” — untaxed single cigarettes.

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NYPD Officer Daniel Pantaleo, caught on another video putting Garner in a chokehold, is shown standing a few feet away and chatting amiably with a uniformed colleague.“He reassured the family that the city is doing everything possible to ensure a full and thorough investigation.” A funeral for Garner was set for Wednesday at Bethel Baptist Church in Brooklyn.The first video, obtained by the Daily News, captured Garner complaining that he couldn’t breathe as Pantaleo applies the chokehold and other cops take him to the ground.Officer Justin Damico, on the force four years, was also pulled off the street — but he was not forced to turn in his badge or his weapon. Another source said the likely cause of death will be a heart attack, although other actions — including the illegal takedown of Garner — “will probably go down as contributing factors.” The city’s medical examiner would not confirm the preliminary findings.Outside Damico’s home Saturday, an infuriated woman screamed at reporters. Either way, Police Commissioner Bill Bratton was irate after getting a look at a video from the Thursday afternoon tragedy near the Staten Island ferry terminal, another source said.“They lose their license, not their lives.” Garner’s rap sheet includes 31 arrests dating to his first at age 16, cops said.

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