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In April, Marina Lonina, an eighteen-year-old Ohio woman, was charged with live-streaming, on the Periscope app, the rape of a seventeen-year-old friend by a man they’d met at a nearby mall.

It had my phone number—that’s how that stranger had found me. And then the photos.”Norma initiated a criminal case against Morcos, and he was charged with invasion of privacy in the third degree, in accordance with a statute that is popularly known as a “revenge porn” law.In one such case, a Californian named Luis Mijangos tricked women into installing malware that searched their computers for sexually explicit photographs and switched on Webcams and computer microphones, allowing him to record the women undressing or having sex.He then threatened to release the resulting photographs or videos if the women didn’t make pornographic videos for him.In 2011, Mijangos was convicted of computer hacking and wiretapping, for which he is serving a six-year sentence.Sometimes people surreptitiously film consensual sex acts, or even rapes, and make the footage public for reasons other than revenge.She also has clients who are being extorted into providing sex or money because someone has graphic pictures of them and is threatening to send the images to employers or parents or siblings.

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