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As for the rights of anyone, tell your people they can go fuck themselves. Some of the ears on the floor caught this scrap of his voice.

Simply do an extra entry if you would like to alert us to some good source(s).

For Wednesday: __ Listen to the cassette tape handed out in class featuring the voices and poetry of Sandra Mc Pherson and Linda Mc Carriston__ Time permitting, do some browsing on the web or in the library for images and biographical information on either Sandra Mc Pherson or Linda Mc Carriston.

Writing for Wednesday: __ Write out in an entry -- as well as you can -- one of the poems by either Sandra Mc Pherson or Linda Mc Carriston which you found most poignant in your listening to the tape.

Being a senior yet, Rappoport played Nina Zarechnaya in produced by Italian director Giuseppe Tornatore. People’s Artist of the Russian Federation Chulpan Hamatova is an alumna of the Russian University of Theatre Arts.

She was invited to the troupe of the Moscow Sovremennik Theatre in 1988.

Svetlana Hodchenkova, one of the most beautiful Russian theatrical and movie actresses, was born in 1983 in Moscow. For around 17 to 20 years Hodchenkova worked for modeling agencies in Russia, France, and Japan.Rastros del Ausente / Traces of the Absent One 1 La noche horada su vientre. En la voz de los sue�os te preguntas por el tiempo secreto del instante. In a dream-like voice you wonder of the secret time in a moment. Y sobre el mar te deshojes, hacia un mutuo silencio. A law written among the leaves of autumn, in the irrevocable center of birds. __Do a line-by- line explication of one of the following poems.Crees que la muerte es un exceso de oto�o; que sin demora los p�jaros vuelan hacia el verdor. You think death is an excess of autumn, that birds fly to verdure in a rush. Una ley escrita entre las hojas del oto�o, en el centro irrevocable de los p�jaros. *Rag and Bone Shop 127 Hesiod from THEOGENY: The Great Father Eating His Children *Rag and Bone Shop 128 Olds, Sharon Saturn *Rag and Bone Shop 129 Olds, Sharon The Guild *Rag and Bone Shop 135 Rumi The Core of Masculinity *Rag and Bone Shop 137 Lee, Li-Young The Gift *Rag and Bone Shop 38 Lee, Li-Young A Story *Rag and Bone Shop 46 Madhubuti Men and Birth: The Unexplainable *Rag and Bone Shop 55 Williams, William Carlos The Turtle Writing for Tuesday, March 7.__Write an entry on another ONE of the poems listed above, this time choose just five lines from the poem and do a very close reading -- recording your impressions, thoughts, feelings, comparisons as you read from word to word. Mara's class Thursday at , so won't be able to meet with us at that time.The Debut of the young actress in the role of Patrice Hollmann in the play directed by Valery Todorovsky.After the film had been released, she was recognised as one of the most talented young actresses of national cinematograph.On April 7th we will have a mini-midterm which will give you the opportunity to review and rethink what you have learned so far.

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