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It's the same in schools with having a TA teach the class hiya jst noticed ur thread and thought i'd comment.

I'm a qualified nursery nurse level 3 and have worked in nurseries for a number of years currently on maternity leave due back next month.

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Well yes if only one person is in this room then that is illegal as like you say if a child needs the toilet or hurts themselves there is no one else there to assist - having two members also safe guards the staff , good luck in whatever action you decide to take Thanks for the replies, confirms what I thought.Children 2 and under the ratio must be 3 children to 1 staff member 3 years and above the ratio must be 8 children to 1 staff member.Level 2 qualified staff are not allowed to be on their own with out a level 3 qualified staff member as they are seen as trainees at level 2 and they must not be given sole responsibility of children without guidance from a level 3 qualified staff member.Originally owned my Minnesota-based Hubbard Broadcasting Corp., WTOG solidified itself in the Tampa Bay market by being the area’s only independent television station.Does anyone know about staff/child ratios in a nursery, for children aged 3/4. I am trying to do something about the lack of staff etc but want to check what is/isn't allowed before I do it. In the morning is a level 2 allowed to be the only member of staff in that section?So children are wetting themselves as they have to wait while they try and find someone available to take them. They would need 3 members of staff in a room like this so if a child has to be taken to the toilet 2 are left with the children.

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