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They represent war, famine, illness and death as the powers, which destroy mankind. The quaternion is activated within the context of dualistic thinking: the four horsemen are the negative figures contrasting with the benevolent archangel-guardians of the four directions. 303 – From the ‘Kölner Bible’ of Bartholomaeus von Unkel, around 1478. It is, nevertheless, an interesting feature that the idea of an apocalypse – as a culmination of linear thinking – shifted its emphasis from a spiritual to a physical base, from God to iridium. Creation and its mythological symbolism are the beginning and the apocalypse and its consequences mark the end.

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The view of time as an actual ‘part’ is, from the wider perspective of (tetradic) thinking, an indication of a communication, which is situated in lower division-thinking.

This concern can lead to sectarian behavior with the chosen ones waiting for the grand finale (GRAHAM, 1983).

The sharp boundary between good and bad, God and satan, Christ and the Antichrist will facilitate the procedure on Judgement Day.

And Bartholomaeus von Unkel used the subject in the Cologne Bible of 1478 (WEHMER et al., 1971; fig. John’ as markers of the pivotal point in the European cultural history.

301 – The four apocalyptic horsemen from the ‘Revelations of St.

COHN (1970) attributed ‘salvationism’ with the following qualities: collectivism, an earthly character, the immanence (the expectation of events happening at short notice), the universal and the miraculous.

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