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He had set his priorities on agriculture, tourism and manufacturing, putting them in what he calls the state's 'Halatuju' development framework, and supporting them by placing human resource development high on his agenda.

To support the first pillar of his 'Halatuju' campaign, tourism, a commitment of RM1.4 billion in federal funds was secured towards the building of a new Kota Kinabalu airport terminal, which was completed in 2008, ahead of schedule.

By August 2007 Sabah's allocation ceiling had been increased to RM20.1 billion, which by then was used to fund a total of 5,012 projects, of which 4,873 were development projects (404 continuation from the 8MP and 4,469 new projects) while the rest were Private Funded Initiative (PFI) projects.

In addition to the above, in 2008 the Prime Minister of Malaysia launched the Sabah Development Corridor (SDC) with a further RM5 billion government allocation in addition to the RM16.9 billion already pledged to Sabah under the 9MP.

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