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has been on television for 13 years and in those years, the reality show has given motivation to viewers and hopeful contestants that they, too, can shed the weight.

Throughout the series, viewers have seen miraculous transformations revealed during each weigh in.

Koli lost 53.3% of his body weight, weighing in at 188 after losing a whopping 215 pounds. Tough trainer Jillian Michaels said before the season started that she was concerned for the contestants’ health and safety on the show due to the ever-increasing size. Congratulations to all the finalists and contestants on Biggest Loser!

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According to Hernandez, the only person who isn't thrilled with his trim figure is his son Jacob, who misses "fat daddy.", Rachel Frederickson, who won the competition in 2014, experienced some backlash for losing too much weight.

Following that ordeal, his marriage to fellow If there's one contestant that everyone talks about, it's Michelle Aguilar who won season six.

Her starting weight was 242 pounds and when she won she weighed 132 pounds.

At the time, she said she used to trick herself by pretending she was eating healthy foods when in fact she knew she had a huge portion control problem.

After coach Jillian Michaels put her butt into shape, she lost the weight and scaled down to 137 pounds.

The contestant suffered a major tragedy when she lost her husband, her daughter and her son.

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