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We present experimental results demonstrating the effectiveness of using the Global Metronome and compare the performance to MIDI clock sync, a common synchronization method.Finally, we present an open source implementation of a Global Metronome server using a GPS-connected Raspberry Pi that can be built for under 0.Predictive saccades to spatially distinct locations are ecologically natural behaviours in monkeys, whereas predictive hand movements to a spatially stationary stimulus may not be natural for these animals.

The first study of macaque synchronization to a beat used both auditory and visual metronomes at several different tempi and trained the animals to tap in time with a series of 4 metronome events and then to continue with 3 self-timed taps at the same tempo.

The current study tests synchronization to a beat using methods somewhat different from the previous work.

While we also trained monkeys on a synchronization task, we used voluntary eye movements rather than taps as a motor behaviour, and a spatialized visual metronome rather than a stationary flashing metronome.

Juice rewards were used after each trial to motivate learning.

The animals were able to learn the task, but taps lagged metronome events by about 300 ms.

This behaviour generalized to novel tempi, and the monkeys could maintain the tempo internally.

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