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Perhaps its the fault of the bizarre screenplay, which provides the unlikeable characters with little if any motivation for their ridiculous actions.Cary Elwes provides the acting highlights: he's a long way from Princess Bride territory here.Despite the movie playing against her, Bridget gives a great performance which could have given her a launch even sooner had the rest of the movie not been such S***.Clearly, Bridget was destined for bigger things, but it is very nice to see her here at the start of her career, all young and fresh.It never popped up on my Internet searches on DVD sites, and I had thought I would never see it again.

His brothers suicide is a little suspicous and he begins to investigate. See full summary ยป In Corinth, a dying town 15 miles from Pittsburg: One evening, a Japanese businessman, who wanted to tear down the closed iron mills to build an amusement park, is found half dead in his ...

An interesting Vietnamese villain, some low-budget fairly good action (hey, that poor old Peugeot really took it, huh? All the producers could afford was a poor old Peugeot!

), highly unrealistic decapitation, and a gloriously inept portrayal of a heavily-wounded man by Cary Elwes. White boys obviously cannot do a convincing portrayal of street slime, they look too much like spoiled mommy's boys turned two-bit actors. As for the blood and gore, there is a whole lot here, but it does seem that this movie alienates its target audience.

None of this add up to anything I associate myself with. Clearly, when it was made, credited as 1991, but perhaps 1990, it was supposed to be an action thriller.

Which turned out to be a dud, with weak male leads.

Nick is a feckless television salesman who gets fired and impulsively decides that he and his girlfriend, Beth, will move to Butte, MT, which he's read is "the city of the future." "I read ...

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