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The review, published online in Sexuality & Culture, shows other most frequently cited reasons for having sex include: Understanding why people seek sex is not always a simple task.

Motivations generally fall into four main categories, according to psychologists at UT-Austin who asked more than 1,500 undergraduate college students about their sexual attitudes and experiences: Generally speaking, men seek sex because they like how it feels.

Young men and women typically haven't been in very committed relationships and are in the process of discovering their sexuality.

Their answers to "why do you have sex" are often greatly tied to the image of themselves and their social relationships, says Richard Carroll. But such knowledge can improve a couple's sex life.

“Having sex boosts our testosterone, which will sustain our sexual drive,” Fisher explained.

“Any stimulation of the genitals will drive the dopamine system, which will lead to feelings of romantic love.

And orgasms stimulate the production of oxytocin, which creates feelings of deep attachment," she said.

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