Live chating without credits

Your chats are found on the left side of the screen.Your call information is shown on the right side of the screen.But of course you’re not limited to texting you can also send videos, images, and files.Everything that we expect from our experiences of a messenger app is right where we are spoiled to have and take for granted.The “Stickers” (or Emojis) are limited and don’t seem very traditional ,some look very anime but they work.

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New texts can give you a glimpse of what the person is saying in your notification bar.Overall, the biggest pro is its video quality and call quality.Also, the fact that you can effortlessly transfer your phone call to your desktop application.The smoothest and most useful feature of Viber is their calling software.While in mid call, you will be able to transfer your call seemliness with little hic-ups.Once you have the app open operating it is a breeze.

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