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The production of Gloves, Umbrellas, Parasols and artificial Flowers scarcely extends beyond the boundaries of Vienna but manufacture of Gloves in Prague is of some impor- tance.

These branches of industry employ more than 150.000 persons, the average value of their yearly production amounts to 70 millions and with addition of fancy articles, quoted above, to nearly 80 millions florins. 0TTENREITER Leopold, Manufacturer of Leather Fancy Goods, Veterinary Surgeon and Inven- tor of a Salve for the Gout.

Various sorts of calf and oow leather, fronts, butts, cappings etc.

The exhibited sorts are partially the first productions that were finished. HABENICHT Augustus, Bookbinder and Manu- facturer of Fancy Leather Goods.

Portfolios, Cigar-cases, Porte-monnaies and similar articles of Vienna make are exported in considerable quantities.

The production of Leather fancy articles has, in the last few years, gained a conspicuous place among the branches of industry practised at Vienna, not only in several extensive tradesmen.

The branches of Industry, here in question, ocoupy about 25.000 hands, bringing into commerce a quantity of articles of the average value of 3 millions florins.

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