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The tweets and instant reactions have been positive.Parry: I expected a bit of backlash because a lot of people liked Ste with John Paul but others liked anyone with Ste because they like Ste.What are Ste and Harry’s feelings for each other around this time?Kieron: I think Ste’s definitely fallen head over heels – but there’s also the fact he could be ruining his friendship with Tony.We don’t just pick up a script and wing it, we try and build up this chemistry and hope that the audience warms to it.

As a TV show, the audience seem to like him to take the dark, long path as distraught Ste. Harry is a lot younger than Ste so Ste wants to seem like he’s younger so reverts back to acting 18 and when he was that age he was a bit of a scally, a chav, a bad boy!He’s on the brink of pneumonia and ends up in hospital. He goes home to get rid of them but the police turn up and see him with these drugs in his hand.In the back of Ste’s head, he knows that he himself can be toxic.Are you still happy playing Ste – would you like him to settle down?Kieron: The best time for me is picking up scripts.When he comes back, he can’t get back in the flat and the kids are by themselves He has this big argument with Tony and he’s even more isolated.

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