Joey jordison dating amanda victoria


We're excited about it."There is no set release date yet for VIMIC's debut album, according to Jordison, who is the only member of the band based in Des Moines, Iowa.

"Right now we're juggling a couple of different release dates," he said.

"We just wanna make sure, in this day and age, that everything lines up with other releases and also…

We just got done with all the videos and everything, and all the production is pretty much finished.

So we just wanna make sure that everything is lined up correctly, so the timeline absolutely strikes at the perfect time and everything lines up correctly.

This is me speaking in the broadest terms, with respect to Joey. he's just in a place in his life, right now, that's not where we are."The singer would not answer whether drug use played a role in Jordison's dismissal, and confessed that he had not been in touch with his former bandmate.Instead, this is what he describes as “an opportunity to tell everyone what the fuck has been going on”.And it’s almost certainly not what anyone is expecting.VIMIC recently completed work on its debut album, "Open Your Omen", with producer Kato Khandwala, who has previously worked with THE PRETTY RECKLESS and WE ARE THE HARLOT.The CD will be released later this year via Roadrunner Records.I guess to sum it up, it was one of the hardest decisions we ever made."Taylor said that the band is "happy right now and we hope that he is . Taylor said, "I haven't talked to Joey in a while, to be honest. It's not because I don't love him and I don't miss him.

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