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If you need a product or service, why not go to another INTP?? And because these conflicts lead to frightening emotional upheaval and conflict for INTPs, their natural reactions may give you the appearance that they no longer have feelings for you. It is the intensity of the negative emotions that is fueling their withdrawal. Below, I'll describe common relationship situations, give you a sneak peek into the INTP consciousness, then suggest how you might respond. This article is focused on new and recently new relationships.

You know will get a person who understands your approach to the world! However, even the most seasoned relationships will see elements of themselves described here.

INTPs feel emotion very intensely, even if you don't think they show it. Also, if your INTP seems very nervous and tongue tied around you, the crush is immediate and strong.

The interaction will be more meaningful than in a group.

If you are here in desperation, you want to get on better terms with your INTP first.

Once you achieve that important goal, then it's your turn.

One-on-one interaction, however, is a very different set of rules and expectations for an INTP.

There, all of the focus is on connecting or not-connecting on a deeper level.

Very early on, an INTP will start making you the focus of his or her thoughts.

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