Intimidating shout spell bloke with a camera essex


Debuffs can be configured to show times regardless of the original caster (for Banish, etc.). These buffs will show a timer for buffs on you, regardless of who is targeted.It also overrides the actual cooldown, so for short cooldown abilities, you will see a green border and the time left on the button.When used with Omni CC, this should show the countdown until a buff/debuff expires as a number on the button.

For example, a warlock may want to translate "intimidating shout" into their "fear". With this added, you would see the cooldown timer if the target had fear or intimidating shout active.

I know that it's currently not included in the default configurations.

What is the behaviour when you have the buff in these situations: - targeting yourself, - targeting anything else - (if possible) targeting another rogue with the buff I have tried "Roll the Bones" as self-only buff, didn't work.

These spells will show the timer if the spell is active even if the spell's cooldown is greater than the time left on the buff/debuff. I wanted to map mok'nathal tactics (survival talent buff tier 1/3) buff to raptor strike. is the single quote (') causing the problem to translate the buff to spells?

Hey there x Great add on, simple and handy :-) Just a question, how can I do to track the number of debug stacks a boss places on me as tank ?

s63327[The warrior shouts, causing the targeted enemy and up to 46i additional enemies within 46a2 yards to cower in fear.][The warrior shouts, causing the targeted enemy to cower in fear and up to 46i additional enemies within 46a2 yards to flee.] Lasts 46d.

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