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The charter was written during a 1171-72 visit to assert his authority over a troublesome nobleman in Ireland, who the King was concerned would declare an independent kingdom.

The head chef can boast of experience in Paris, London and New York, presenting a wider range of tastes and experiences for you to enjoy, so if you are keen to enjoy an indulgent date that is still laid-back and fun, this could be the ideal option for you when you are local dating in London.

As well as growing out in recent years, London has also been growing upwards, and the range of skyscrapers ensures that you have plenty of options to look over the rest of the city.

King Henry II travelled to Dublin and set up court there, ruling over his kingdom for the whole winter.

He made the proclamation on a 5 by 6.5 inch parchment, announcing that for that day forth, anyone living in Bristol has the right to live in Dublin.

It means British people who will lose their EU citizenship, but it is speculated the charter could give Bristolians a loophole to hold onto their rights.

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