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Yet, the irony of the story is that it is not “romantic” to talk about prayer, or anything like that, while dating.

We would prefer that sexy and hot partner, beautiful lady, handsome guy, with a robust and elegant figure; and also, someone who is very trendy and loves to party, etc — somehow, we believe that they would still be the “prayer warriors” in the end.

Then again, the slim few will find out that during menopause, they are faced with thinning fat tissues causing more prominent cheek bones, collar bones, ribs, etc. Parenting 101 Without doubt, the lives of spouses will forever be changed as soon as they become parents.

Asking your friends for advice might leave you even more baffled.

“The best way to find out if you can trust somebody is to trust them”- Ernest Hemingway In the first place, let me assume that those who partake in dating and courtship are single, and have the hope, someday, that they would get married.

Indeed, we all have a mental picture of our ideal partners, which continues to form even during the period of dating and courtship.

A closer look reveals that there are some erroneous perceptions which may affect our judgement in choosing the right partner.

If this is the general perception, then one can say that, eventually, dating would lead to courtship, and then to engagement, and finally marriage.

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