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This set off a wave of student riots, which spread throughout Algeria and even to France (including a large demonstration in front of the Algerian embassy in Paris).

[15] They published grammatical treatises, translated poetry and recorded albums [16] in France, which were then disseminated in Kabylia by the flow of people and commodities between the two areas.In other words, ethnic groups and nations are both invented.In this context, the nation can be viewed as one possible “imagined community” among others, one very particular mapping of homogenized people onto bounded territory, continually reimagining itself through both daily and periodic rituals of solidarity (such as school ceremonies or elections).The minority Berberophone community (20-25 percent of the Algerian population), [2] largely overlooked in the media coverage of recent events, has been a major force in the conflict on both sides of the Mediterranean.For the last 15 years a movement within this population, especially in Kabylia, has been openly challenging the Algerian government for official recognition of a separate ethnic identity and language (Tamazight).[1] The last two French governments have pursued the creation of a “cordon sanitaire” between the two countries, invoking the threat of an international “Islamic terrorist network” linking Algiers to Paris via Sarajevo and Kabul.

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