How to deal with intimidating boss


Crew pumpkin-well proportioned, robustly hued and, of course, exactly “small.” The young employee eventually settled on a pumpkin not much larger than a softball and presented her find to Ms. Woods, free of her father’s long shadow, will bring some light into what, given J.

Crew’s image as proselytizer for the sun-splashed, ruddy-cheeked American dream, has been a curiously grim place to work.

When Blackwell arrived at the Reds’ spring camp in Tampa, Florida, in 1942, manager Bill Mc Kechnie watched him throw and told general manager Warren Giles, “Boss, you’ve got a natural.” Speaking to writers later in the spring, Mc Kechnie predicted that the gawky 19-year-old would be “one of the all-time greats.”4 Forget Ogden; the Reds put him on the major league roster.

He pitched just twice for Cincinnati before he was sent down to Syracuse.

Woods asked an assistant to buy a “small pumpkin” for the office. Woods reportedly yelled at the assistant, in front of a roomful of J. Woods, whose famously mercurial father, Arthur Cinader, founded J.

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Crew, it helps to know the anecdote current and former employees like to call “the fucking pumpkin story.” On Halloween a few years ago, the story goes, Ms. ” The pumpkin story tells us a few things about Ms.Woods said she does not remember-also illustrates how Ms. Woods attended the exclusive and artsy Cranbrook Academy of Art in Bloomfield Hills, Mich. I travel a fair amount, I go out to dinner almost every night and I work … It was viewed as a very intense, difficult environment, a yeller-and-screamer-type atmosphere.… You don’t hear the same horror stories anymore.” Asked about the turnover rate, Ms.Woods is struggling with the specter of her father, an unpredictable manager known for berating employees in front of their colleagues, and who once yelled at a young J. She’s being demanding but in a reasonable way, instead of with that edge of craziness we’re used to.” But by many accounts, Ms. “It certainly would never be my intention [to humiliate someone].… She graduated from the University of Denver in 1982, where she majored in marketing, and went to work for the family. Woods personally approved each image that appeared in the catalogue (one model in early catalogues looked eerily like Ms. “We will be completely sold out of women’s cashmere before Christmas,” she said. Woods described her life in New York this way: “I work out a lot. If I go home before 8 or 9, I don’t really know what to do with myself.” When she is not overseeing clothing designs or catalogue layouts, Ms. Crew’s database, which carefully tracks who’s buying what. Crew has attempted to target specific consumers, like children and college students. Woods knows her customer inside and out, she seems less attuned to the gripes of her staff. Cinader’s copywriters have quit.) “When you’re the daughter of the founder, you get to do things your way,” said Kirk Palmer, a fashion industry headhunter who has recruited several senior executives from J. Woods said, “All of the key people have been here three, five, seven, 10 years.…And she expects her staff to implement those ideas as precisely as she conceived them. And she established a reputation as tough businesswoman who runs with a fast crowd-she’s married to Hollywood producer Cary Woods, who did Scream and Gummo , and she is pals with Julia Roberts, Uma Thurman, Michael Ovitz and Ronald Perelman.But the pumpkin story-which several employees confirmed, but which Ms.“They’ll be adding up every inch of thread,” said one current J. “And Emily has never been told No.” “It’s not run as efficiently as it can or should be,” said Ms. Woods, who will be overseeing 600 employees in the New York office and 6,000 worldwide?

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