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Then realizing what that means, what is happening below to make the bed rock. "One of her requests was that my nails and toenails always be painted.

Also, we were not close and it wasn't with the father of her 1 year old, who woke me up crying a couple weekends. I should have known from that things would get weirder.

I came home from class one day, and she had all the lights off and was just sitting in the dark.

I went down the hall to hang with some friends and she came bursting through the door screaming at me.

He stayed in my room for about five minutes, in which he used the time to go through my underwear drawer." —10.

"My drunk roommate had texted me demanding that I leave the room so he can have sex.

She was so hysterical, I can't even tell you what she was saying.

We all sat there in silence while she screamed and cursed at me.

"During my freshman year of college, I woke up one morning to my roommate lying in her bed reading a book. What wasn't normal was when she realized I was awake, she told me she saw a ghost in our room last night. "For my freshman year, my best friend and I moved into a two-bedroom apartment together.

Apparently, it was a man who looked like a hobo and he was sitting on my bed watching me sleep. Not even a month into moving in, I was suspicious someone was going through my stuff and decided to set my computer up to record while I was at class.

Turns out she had given her boyfriend a key to the apartment and he had let himself into my room when we were both gone.

With my exam the next morning in less than six hours. Now I don't know what was more disturbing, the fact that he didn't flush or the fact that I NEVER SAW ANY TOILER PAPER IN THERE. I decided to finally approach him about this one day because, quite frankly, I was tired of cleaning up his shit. I knew her for six years and then poof, she's into drugs and runs off into the night with my dog.

The next day after my exam, I come back to find my roommate, who confirms that he did not have sex, and that he sexiled me to a friend's couch the night before I had a big exam for absolutely nothing." — 11. So he awkwardly walks over to the bathroom with a piece of cardboard ... You see, he would leave the shit-covered cardboard in the bathroom next to the toilet and USE IT AGAIN LATER." —12. Definitely taught me to pay extra for the GPS chip and not just the identification chip.

We'd take out the trash immediately, cleaned out the fridge, didn't leave out food, but nothing helped.

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