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Here’s 70 really creative advertisement that will make you look twice. Swallowing a huge wad of gum or swallowing many small pieces of gum in a short time can cause a blockage within the digestive system - most often in children, who have a smaller-diameter digestive tract than adults - but this is extremely rare.It's that time of year when lots of people are giving to various charities, and I've been thinking about, if I decided to give, how I would decide.My mental economic model for businesses is that businesses engage in trade.Agencies and big corporations do not believe in ‘cool factors’ in advertisement anymore.

Suppose you (running a business) have a sandwich that you're selling for .

When they both choose to trade, the world is better off.

When either chooses not to trade, there's no harm done.

It's very likely that the sandwich is worth than to you.

If it was worth more than , you'd rather keep the sandwich, so you wouldn't be selling it. Now suppose I have and decide to buy a sandwich from you.

“Finally, we were reminded once again that budget is no prediction of the quality of strategy thinking, creative idea or effectiveness in the real world.” Entrants were asked to specify the media channels used in their cases.

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