Great expectations dating houston

That means at best you have a 1 in 25 chance of finding someone throughout your membership. CONCLUSION - If you are wealthy, this service may be good for you. After a thorough review (26 pages) I found there were 317 posted profiles (in my age range) HOWEVER, 148 of them were set to INACTIVE.

This database is bloated over 50% by profile you CANNOT select.

A letter sent asking for a copy of my contract AND a corporate address was returned with a ONLY a compy of my contract.

2/09/10 - Unfortunately, I cannot update my review with positive words.

The best thing about GE is that they do run criminal background checks on everyone who joins.

I have checked weekly since that initial review to find little variance.

Worse, I was shown 8 profiles during my sales pitch, 2 beautiful, seemingly smart, business women (to show I wasn't alone in making this BIG spending decision) and 6 attractive gentlemen.

During my interview their service seemed to be decent, but when they finally revealed the costs, I was surprised.

Here goes: BASE PLANS - 00 - 15 month membership, 00 - 3 year membership, 00 - Unlimited membership until you find someone.

DISCOUNTS -00 - If you opt out of national match making (only look at matches in your city), 00 - ONLY if you sign the contract on your interview date, 50% off - For a 7 month trial membership only valid on that date.

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