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A sex worker who we called Sara spoke to Streets some time ago, and gave some unique insights into the life of a prostitute in Goa.She explained how she got into the trade as a young woman after being approached by a lady who took her to an apartment full of men.“There must be at least 3,000 prostitutes in Goa,” he said.A casual Google search for ‘sex in Goa’ throws up dozens of websites which offer all kinds of women ­ Indian, Goan, and foreign.Goa offers the most relaxing holidays for the gay tourists in India.While being in Goa you can indulge in end of adventure activities.And that’s not counting the street­walkers who can be found in towns and cities like Panjim and Margao.The action, though, is concentrated in the North Goa coastal belt.

India offers diverse vacation opportunities that one can take to full fill these sort of needs.

This is one place in India that knows no boundaries.

People from all communities are widely accepted here.

In the last year and a half, the Calangute police alone have conducted 20 raids and ‘rescued’ around 50 women.

Some of the raids were on massage parlours, a few in ‘dance bars’, while other prostitution rings were exposed using decoy customers.

; a German woman told me a Thai man had pursued her endlessly then dumped her when she put out; a British man told me how easy it was to find a Thai girlfriend for the price of a pair of branded running shoes. Because Im older and wiser, Im willing to wait to have a relationship with the right person in Goa or not.

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