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For example, a non-bipolar spouse will still need to pay bills and buy groceries. – Watch both email and snail mail very carefully as at the moment the credit card companies are constantly sending out credit card applications and those seductive little checks.

– If you are lucky enough to have any kind of portfolio, you may need to confide in your investment adviser or broker.

When I was in high school I once had to write an essay for a language arts exam with the title I do not remember much of what I wrote, but over 30 years later that phrase keeps coming back to haunt me.

When somebody finishes a manic episode marked by bipolar excessive spending, their normal reasoning may return, but because of the bipolar roller coaster, this return to rationality is often marred by serious post-manic depression.

Although they are bound to carry out the client’s instructions, a heads up can encourage them to insist on written instructions and a face to face meeting.

He has an ATM card to access this account at all times, but if he goes off his medication or seems to be getting hyper, she cuts off all other access to their finances.

Just like in a similar section section on our webpage on bipolar infidelity, I know some of these suggestions may seem extreme.

Once again, I can only say that my own terrible choices about money and sex when I was manic have taught me to be very cautious about playing with fire – please don’t let bipolar excessive spending burn you or the people who love you.

I have noticed that what little writing there is about this experience (good examples are Patty Duke and Kay Redfield Jamison), tends to be witty and amusing.

It is as if the only weapon we have left to help us cope is this wry self-deprecating humor.

Even though I had done a variety of truly crazy things (you can read about them in About Me) it was my describing a ,000 shopping spree I went on in Grad School that finally led to my psychiatrist correctly diagnosing me – and saving my life!

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