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One of the most helpful pieces here is the Total line, which shows you both your total debt balance and your total monthly payment.If you’re not sure how to gather all of this information, here are two articles that will help you out: One of the cool parts about this tool is that it’s easy to play around and see how making different decisions here will lead to different outcomes.

This is where you enter the important information about your debts.Here’s a worksheet for that purpose: Worksheet: Household Inventory (click here to download) You may need to make multiple copies depending on just how much “stuff” you have.And use your judgment in deciding the level of detail that you apply to inventorying your property. But don’t let this become an all-consuming process where you can easily get lost in the details and prevent yourself from making progress with the divorce and getting on with your life.If you have more than that, there’s a paid version that costs .95 that can handle up to 40 loans. (And no, I’m not affiliated with this company and don’t get paid to recommend them.) The spreadsheet comes with a full set of directions that you can follow to fill it out yourself.I’m not trying to duplicate those directions here, but I would like to give you a sense of how this tool will help.This allows you to make a decision you actually understand and like instead of having to blindly trust “the experts”.

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