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How good your pictures are, how non-spammy your comments are, how willing your target demo is to check out new music.

Many of them give smaller results than they’re worth.I have spent the last months learning the ins and outs of Instagram.I took a couple of lessons from a New York marketing firm, read endless blogs, and, through trial and error, found the right ingredients to grow my Instafanbase to just over 3,000 real followers.So I know some of you will be wondering what I mean by this.What I mean is that you should spend a good portion of your time contacting event organizers, radio stations, websites that cover your genre of music in some way, TV channels, DJs, musicians who are more established than you, and the like. They have a much bigger audience than you, and within their audiences are people who will fit into your ideal fan base!That means if you follow 1,000 you will get 100 to 300 who will follow you back. Above are real screen shots of my account, to show you how awesome this strategy and social media platform can be for you.

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