Freeze cam amaeur

The hands and feet wobbled when the actual idea was to freeze the moment and have the camera track in 'bullet time'. Just funny to see people say 'great imagination' when the neither the idea is original nor is the execution well done.

Well done on Go Pro's marketing, thought :)This has been done before quite a few times.

There are several videos on Marc Donahue's You Tube channel demonstrating his experiments with the action camera.

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That’s just how we do stuff and why the video we offer is a documentary rather than a TV show.” For those unfamiliar with Pikes Peak, the 14,000-foot mountain that provides shade for Colorado Spring, Colorado, serves as the setting for one of the most challenging races of all time and the second oldest race in America.

Amateur filmmaker Marc Donahue of Permagrin Films recently shot a video with an array of fifteen Go Pro action cameras to achieve Matrix-like bullet time special effects.

The arc-shaped rig allowed him to shoot simultaneously from all cameras.

The only way to do bullet time without contravening their patents, is by using single shots from still cameras.

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