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Number 3 energy is often very social and is extremely curious about life and different cultures.

If Number 2 energy symbolises caring for the flower, Number 3 energy symbolises the blooming flower that opens its eyes to the world for the first time.

They are also very open minded and naturally drawn to understanding the spirit world.

In relationships, Number 3 energy is very open to all types of things and experiences.

Number 3’s are easily distracted and bored and need to be mentally stimulated.

They never stop learning and are always looking for new information or new insights.

In love and relationships, Number 1’s are quick to fall in love but also quick to fall out of love.

Their greatest lesson is learning how to open their heart to others and learning how to put others before themselves.

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Take your date of birth, for example- December 29Add the month (12) to the date (29)= 41Then break it down to a single digit so, 4 1= 5This gives you the Sun Number of 5(Keep adding the numbers together to get to a single digit, for example if you get 12 keep breaking it down further 1 2=3)Number 1 holds the vibration of leadership and ambition, it is also one of the most creative numbers and symbolises the planting of that first seed.If Number 1 energy symbolises the planting of the first seed, Number 2 energy symbolises taking care of and nourishing that seed so it may bloom into a healthy flower.When not in balance, Number 2 energy can be expressed as being too dependent on others, manipulative and even passive aggressive.When not in balance, Number 3 energy can manifest as being over-indulgent, scattered and even superficial.It is important for Number 3 energy to also learn how to become more grounded and responsible.Those with the Sun Number of 1 are driven to start new projects and release new ideas into the world.

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