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Ultimately the white mob rioted for three days, destroying major black neighborhoods and killing five persons. The riot in Beaumont was one of several in 1943 which centered in the defense industry, including Los Angeles, as well as other cities across the country.The wartime social disruption was similar to war time riots which had occurred in other parts of the country during and following World War I.Beaumont was a small center for cattle raisers and farmers in its early years.

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In 20, Beaumont and surrounding areas suffered extensive damage from Hurricane Rita and Hurricane Ike, respectively.

Recently, there has been some renewal in Downtown Beaumont and in other areas of the city.

In 1996, the Jefferson County courts, located in Beaumont, became the first court in the nation to implement electronic filing and service of court documents.

In the postwar years, Beaumont's port continued in importance.

As was typical with other cities, post-war highway construction led to the development of new suburbs and dispersal of the population in search of new housing.

A big change occurred in 1901 with the Spindletop gusher, which demonstrated the potential of the huge oil field.

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