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If some of these records are disclosable and others are exempt, please provide the disclosable records and let me know the exemption(s) preventing disclosure of the rest.

Please understand that we seek these records for the purposes of public interest, and we hope that the spirit of openness in Oregon government will prevail.

For each property, please provide issue dates, payee names, addresses, and dollar amounts due.​​A copy of the Jan.

24 letter sent to Michael Schmidt from the federal Department of Justice concerning the state's sanctuary status and any subsequent correspondence from Director Schmidt or the Governor's Office to U. DOJ.​*All the information about the plan First Net sent to the Governor's Office in late September and your state's response to First Net or the First Responder Network Authority.

Please provide all requested records that are greater than 0, are claimable (The obligation to the payee has not been voided by law), The funds have not been turned over to the abandoned property office, and the funds are not in the process of being issued or reissued.

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Thank you.​​This public records request asks for Oregon Regional Solutions to provide all information in its possession regarding interface with the City of Molalla and Oregon DEQ regarding potential help to fund public or private money/grants/loans to fund City of Molalla wastewater projects.

Seeking all written interaction produced by Raihana Ansary on Molalla wastewater funding issues: between Ansary and DEQ staff and between Ansary and Molalla and/or any other agency/funding source and any private notes taken at any meeting on the Molalla issue. Steve Copple​​Copy of any and all memos, documents, opinions, policy and advice sent from the General Counsel to the Governor specifically regarding the subject of ethical and/or lawful and/or prohibited interaction between the official office of governor and the political office of Kate Brown or governor.

​I would like a copy of the DA Request to be appointed form filed by current Klamath County DA, Evelyn Costello. Costello was appointed by Governor Brown in May 2017. By "Official Office" we mean Kate Brown's position as Chief Executive of the State of Oregon, as well as all corresponding personnel and public resources.

Thank you for your courtesies concerning this matter.

Jill Gibson ​​Under the Oregon Public Records Law, §192.410 et seq., I am requesting an opportunity to inspect or obtain copies of public records that pertain to the Honorable Sally L.

​​This is a public records request pursuant to ORS 192.420, et seq, directed to you and your staff.

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