Free bi chatrooms bham are freelee and durianrider dating websites


Also the level of chat always ends up on the border of cybering and though I like it, I would go to the Cyber Room to do that.

Thanx for the opportunity to have some input, Jose (Biliteral)well howdy everyone my name is heather and im just too new to get most of whats going on on this site.

I only believe this because I was a str8 man that became bicurious, acted upon my curiosity and became bisexual. Men Sucking Dick While Woman Watch Right before Christmas I was at a party and met this other guy about my age.

Something like Truth or Dare would be fun, and the room would see their responses and that would generate comment and discussion on that chatters point of view on that particular subject.

I have a beautiful four-year old little girl that I absolutely love more than anything in the world.

I've never had sex with a woman, but I've kissed one.

i cant seem to get the chat thing down even with advice from others. anyways maybe i will get the hang of it soon i hope.

it seems i can get a screen to pop up for the netscape chat but no one is ever in it but me when it says there is others in the room. but just to say howdy to everone here and i hope i get a chance to meet and great a few of yall.

I've had a few crushes on women, but I've never acted on them. I'm looking for a friend with benefits type thing, with no emotional attachments. A bi-male in alabama selfemployed looking to enjoy the life style with anyone that wants to have fun.

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