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After his first 'proper shower in years' at a local pool, the 52-year-old was able to dress in fresh clothes before Mr del Rosario took him to a barber for a fresh cut to land him a job.'He said he had been struggling for most of his life due to the lack of proper education,' Mr del Rosario told Daily Mail Australia.'He never mentioned what work he did before, but he told me he had no qualifications.'The kind-hearted stranger took Ian, who grew up in a broken family and has been on his own since he was a child, out for his first real meal - a pub chicken schnitzel - in weeks.

'He loved the dinner, he savoured every bite,' Mr del Rosario said.'Since he has no teeth he would always just eat soft foods like Hungry Jacks ...

It asked 1,036 Brits how often they went to a coffee shop, how much they spent and whether it was for work or pleasure.

Some 80 per cent said they went at least three times a week or made 152.36 trips a year.

'I saw his cardboard sign and his motto of smiling and staying positive, [it] really touched me.'I bought Ian some water and that's when our journey started.' Mr del Rosario, a South Australian student, said he sat down with Ian on Monday afternoon, who has been living on the streets for six years, and asked if he could 'change his life'.'He seemed skeptical at first but he quickly got up ...

it's good that we were able to establish that level of trust, especially for complete strangers,' he said.

ANDROGYNY Androgyny is a revolutionary brand designing clothing for androgynous women and trans* identified individuals, who have fit and style preferences that are rarely met by mainstream brands.

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dapper Q’s store guide is a roundup of retailers that are designing or curating collections of *menswear and/or *menswear inspired clothing, accessories, undergarments, and shoes for you!

And the coffee culture has a huge impact on the economy because deals worth £14.5billion are done in the coffee shop, the survey showed.

The trend reflects the rising number of people using them as 'coffices' to do business, and the increasing number of chains.

Usually left alone, the teenager said Ian said he was 'scared to die, not because of death itself but because [he] won't be remembered'.

On a mission to start a new life, the pair went shopping for some new outfits, a welcome replacement for the old clothes Ian had been wearing for months.

Standout products: Ambiance’s Symphony Trio bow tie made our list of top 10 bow-ties of 2012.

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