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After a deep research I found out that none exist, so I took matters into my own hands. UPRIGHT PRO attaches directly to your spine so it's measurements are very exact, also it's the only device that can provide real-time feedback, in turn this gets astonishingly quick results.

What has been the best part of your startup experience?

UPRIGHT is being used in health clinics around the world to help people's posture, quickly and effectively.

While a posture brace, back brace or back strap take the load off your back and weaken your muscles, UPRIGHT lets you do the work of sitting straight by yourself, which strengthens your muscles and gives you long-term results.

Screening copies must be in quality digital formats (file, HDD, flash drive).

Just attach UPRIGHT to your back with one of the 60 adhesives that come in the box and start your training while continuing with your daily routine.Vimeo: you must have a Vimeo Plus or PRO account, you'll be able to upload your film privately and password protect it. Youtube: you can upload the film freely and privately (how to upload videos on youtube).Share the uploaded film with this email address [email protected] insert the link in the form below.And now the new Sochi International Film Awards wrote a new chapter in history with the same concept. I thank Sochi Mayor Anatoly Pakhomov for supporting the new important film festival.Karl Bardosh, famous professor of New York university, director, producer, writer A structured and strict concept of a powerful film festival has been formed, and you managed to prove its feasibility. Elliot Grove, founder of the Raindance Film Festival and British Independent Film Awards A smashing success! After a short time of using this discreet posture trainer, your body quickly learns to maintain good posture even when you are not wearing the device.

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