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Even as Lizzie loses weight, the validation she gets — from her mother, from her dress size — is never enough.

Accepting her body is never the option; it’s about changing it.

And now Things No One Will Tell Fat Girls is topping the Self-Esteem bestsellers charts with discussion on fatshion, health (yes, it's possible to be fat and healthy, calm down), media and mental health. Well, Baker and her book are here to tell those naysayers to back off. Search that hashtag on Twitter and you'll be see the impact people like Baker have on women's lives. How did you move from seeing it as an insult to seeing it as simply an adjective? I love pushing people's buttons and so this was a really empowering way for me to take back my own narrative—and it made people uncomfortable. Very simply, if you reclaim the worst thing someone can call you, the power from their negative comment is gone. "Happiness is not a size." That statement from your book really focuses the problem for me. And the list of things I didn't wear but loved was even longer still. Because someone would be able to see my scandalous cleavage. We can do this by supporting companies that stylishly dress larger women (large brands, sure, but remember those kick-ass indie companies too!

We've all heard someone groan about things fat people shouldn't do: fly. The book may be titled Things No One Will Tell Fat Girls, but Baker's legion of body acceptance warriors know it doesn't matter what they're told. How did you realize that was an idea that needed fighting? I thought I was extra beautiful in them and then I realized I was thinner in them. It was only by ignoring the rules and wearing what I wanted that I started to realize fashion was political. And this applies to all bodies, no matter their size, shape, shade, or age. I discovered the power behind choosing things I longed to wear but in the past hadn't allowed myself to. ) by purchasing exactly what we want (the way we want), and by being vocal about what we'd like to see.

Baker speaks at colleges and events about mental health, peer support, fat oppression and Body Love as a 21st century civil rights movement. I had been bending over backwards to follow these ubiquitous guidelines, and because of this the list of things I wore but hated was miles long. We need to show that WE LOVE OUR BODIES AND WE WANT ALL THE OPTIONS.Even in college, when I was working out every day—because that's what college girls do—I was still so ashamed of my body that I would go into the bathroom stalls to change. By that logic, I should hate myself more now and I don't. There are challenges scattered throughout the book—The Fat People: Do all the things! Big, Fat and Oh So Wet - Horny BBWs Served Just The Way You Want Them Welcome to Fat Sites.Here you will find the hottest plumpers who love to have their tight fat holes pumped and pounded.I thought, "Oh, I should be thinner." And then I spiraled out of control thinking I would be a happier, healthier, more in love, successful person if I were thinner. That the concept of not trying to minimize or hide your body was controversial. Never underestimate the power of consumer demands; we have the ability to shift the fashion industry in a big way. Excerpted from Things No One Will Tell Fat Girls: A Handbook for Unapologetic Living by Jes Baker.

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