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There’s also an Easy Expat blog, which recently took a look at The Economist’s choice of the safest cities in the world, highlighting a finding that read: “Being statistically safe is not the same as feeling safe.

Out of the 50 cities, only Zurich [7] and Mexico City [45] get the same rank in the overall index as they do in the indicator that measures the perception of safety among their citizens.” This directory site is just over a year old, and defines itself as the guide to Swiss services for American expats.

Switzerland has long been a favorite destination for expatriates, consistently ranking among the best countries for quality of life.

The country’s cleanliness, low crime rate, overall healthy lifestyle and great public transportation crop up again and again on expat discussion boards as perks of living here.

The community section of the site includes a number of clubs and associations together with English-language expatriate websites and marketplaces.

While many of its blog posts are tongue-in-cheek (one of the 15 worries that keep the Swiss awake at night is: “With the franc losing its value, I won’t be able to afford a vacation anymore”), there’s still real insight there.

For example, “writing yourself in on your building’s shared laundry plan on a day that you normally don’t use” is definitely one of the 19 ways to annoy the Swiss.

Whatever stage you’re at in your Swiss expatriate experience, you’ll want to bookmark at least some of the sites listed below.

An expat resource site for several countries, Expatica has particularly helpful guides for settling in Switzerland.

There is a maximum to the number of work permits per year that are issued to non-EU-citizens.

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