Elderly sex chat


• Wife you might not reach orgasm all the time but can still be satisfied that you had a good sex time with your man.

• If the night will not work because “the wife” is tired…early morning cozy and intimate time would be refreshing for both of you.

He helped to tuck the kids in bed after telling them a good night story and praying with them. She moved from one end of the kitchen to the other trying to clean up oblivious of her husband’s presence.

With this orientation she would definitely not be looking forward to her sex time with him.Don’t just assume that she just wants to deny or punish you with sex.And ladies/women get real you can’t afford to be tired all the time, sex is part of what spices and keeps oiling the wheel of your marriage.• Have a pillow fight…looks silly but try been kids again with each other. • Husband, take her out on a date…give her a night she doesn’t have to cook or worry about the kids then see whether tiredness will still be an excuse.• Wife…hmmnn…get involved in the action don’t just allow him to the all the work of caressing. • Slow down…slow down don’t rush things…take your time.ii) If Sex to her means just satisfying the man’s craving…meaning that for some reason she doesn’t enjoy it.

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