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Vault is available on the App Store for i OS devices.

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It's not clear how exactly the files are protected in the cloud, but at least you'll be able to recover all your sensitive materials if you lose them.

Vaulty is available for free on Google Play for Android devices.

Smartphones have made sexting easier than ever — just get to the dirty talking via text, then snap a suggestive pic or eight and send them over. You don't want everyone who could grab your phone to have access to these pics, so you'll need a sneaky app to hide them away.

Gallery Lock is available for free on Google Play for Android phones.

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2653" data-image=" QMVHNwd Um Nw R51FWq Ccq KBdro=/" data-micro="1"Keepsafe is less explicitly designed for sexting than other apps — it has a Family Vault option to share protected content — but c'mon guys. It has PIN-locks and standard safety features, and also offers encryption.

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c77b" data-image=" Vdq Xg KQVKYe6j LAJmuv Vuq Bs=/" data-micro="1"Gallery Vault takes your sexy image hiding tools to the next level — along with the standard passcode protections, the app can hide itself on your phone's home screen and encrypts all of your sensitive data.

To unlock some of the app's higher-end features, like cloud storage, you'll need to subscribe for Vault Pro.

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