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Basing on the result on the existence of non-autostable models with finite algorithmic dimension, the theory of algorithmic dimension is developed. 1983 — won Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences Prize for establishing the theory of semantic programming in cooperation with academician Yu. Ershov and doctor of physical and mathematical sciences D. 1995 — was elected to be a full member of the International Academy of Sciences of Higher School.

New methods to prove infinite algorithmic dimension are found. 1996 — the dean of the Department of Mechanics and Mathematics NSU.

Reshetnyak, “Yurii Leonidovich Ershov (on his seventieth birthday)”, LEKTs II PO MATEMATICh ESKOI LOGIKE uchebnoe posobie dlya studentov vysshikh uchebnykh zavedenii, obuchayuschikhsya po napravleniyu podgotovki vysshego professionalnogo obrazovaniya 010100 Matematika i spetsialnosti 010101 Matematika : [v 2 ch.] / S.

Ivanisenko, Izd-vo SO RAN, Novosibirsk, 2008, Ivanisenko V.

Les prlvements sauvages, une menace pour les fossiles vendiens (édiacariens) de la région de la Mer Blanche - Arkhangelsk en Russie.- Les sites vendiens de la Mer Blanche - Arkhangelsk (Russie) sont mondialement connus.

A criterion of decidability for homogeneous models is established. A series of results on constructive Boolean algebras is obtained. Samokhvalov), monographs: "Countable Boolean algebras" (1988) and "Countable Boolean algebras and decidability" (1996, English translation 1997), "Constructive models" (1999, with Yu. Ershov, English translation 2000) and "Handbook of recursive mathematics" (1999, S. 1997 — Mal'sev prize of Russian Academy of Sciences. Index., Siberian School of Algebra and Logic, Springer, 1997 S. (until 1954, an urban-type settlement called Elenovskie Kar’ery), a city in Volnovakha Raion, Donetsk Oblast, Ukrainian SSR, 14 km from the railroad station Elenovka (on the Donetsk-Volnovakha line). Dokuchaevsk has a dolomite flux combine and a plant making reinforced-concrete products. Recommendations to control paleo-piracy in the White Sea region include finalizing the establishment of World Heritage Site status, educating the local people in the values of the fossils and the need for their protection, establishment of a procedure for licensing for the collection of some fossils, and the notification to sellers of Vendian material by Russian authorities that the fossils were obtained illegally and hence are the property of Russia.Vendian; Ediacaran; paleo-piracy; paleontological resources; destruction; selling fossils.) The world-famous Vendian (Ediacaran) fossil biota in the White Sea - Arkhangelsk region of Russia contains some of the most exquisite fossils of the earliest macrobiota (560-545 million years old) on Earth.

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