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In 2005, Swoop and the other Dinobots fought Devastator during the battle of Autobot City. They later evacuated the city (reluctantly) when Galvatron attacked.

Swoop and the Dinobots became briefly stranded on Quintessa along with Hot Rod and Kup when their ship was shot down.

After a misunderstanding, they formed an alliance and barged into the court of the Master Renegade, just in time to save Kup and Hot Rod from execution.

After stealing the Master Renegade's ship and dubbing it "Grungy", the group headed to Quartex.

On Cybertron, Divebomb was a member of the Elite Flying Corps who had a strained relationship at best with his commanding officer Optimus Prime and a deadly rivalry with a Decepticon who went on to take his name.

Afterwards, he fell in with Grimlock's squad before becoming part of the Ark's crew and after crashing on Earth, the Ark's computer revived Grimlock's squad to battle Shockwave, giving them alt-modes based upon the Savage Land's dinosaurs.

Grimlock dispatched Swoop to scout out the region, but the Dinobot was unable to find Kup and Hot Rod.

Shortly afterwards, the Dinobots encountered the Ro Guns, who had also been stranded on Antares III.

Sparkplug, Spike, and Carly sought out the Dinobots to convince them to help, but Grimlock, angered that they had been followed, decided to crush them.

When they found temporary safety inside a nebula, Kup relented and told them about the time he was in the Elite Guard and fought on Beta-Nine.

Eventually the Decepticons found them, but Swoop and the other Dinobots were so angry about the interruption that they made short work of the attackers.

They were attacked en route by "Megascream": a reformatted Starscream now in the thrall of Unicron.

They managed to escape after Megascream and his troops retreated, touching down on Quintessa to repair the damage.

Swoop (aka Divebomb, Strafe, or Ptero) is the friendliest and most outgoing of the Dinobots. Few of his comrades realize this however, as his team's reputation and his alt-form, considered (for some reason) particularly "horrifying" to Transformer aesthetics, makes others wary of getting close enough to learn about the bot himself.

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