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When I met him finally in Chicago, I was surprised to see that he was also one of the funniest people I had ever met.

I used the Cinemetrics software to explore ideas about cutting rates, namely that D3D films in relation to conventional films have longer cuts in order to give the audience time to process the rendering/illusion of the third-dimension.In addition, I also used the data analysis of film form in the student’s practical training of editing and directing, and it has got some positive effect.1.I am leading some graduate students to found the database of Chinese film form, which I hope can be a part of the bigger database you established for researchers to compare film forms of different countries.2.- Musical scene: 7 ASL 5 submitted by Marco Polo; North by Northwest: 7 ASL 12.2 submitted by Tijmen de Graaf. On the scholarship front: 1) Our colleague Adelheid Heftberger of Austrian Film Museum published a book, take a look (in German) much of which is based on digital study of Vertov's editing, including measurements done on Cinemetrics.2) David Hare from Australia contacted me with this message: I recently submitted my Ph D thesis on digital stereoscopy (D3D) for marking.My main point consists in demonstrating that film analysis is no longer restricted to textual and verbal commentary, and has been taking many graphic forms since Bellour's work on Hitchcock's films.

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