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Would my grandparents relate to the character I'm dating? The avenue left unexplored by many Indians is a path that our generation of NRIs is rightly venturing into.I increasingly see more white and Indian couples walking down the streets of London, or Indian and black couples in several European cities.This instant information isn’t necessarily a good thing.We get discouraged that he or she was online 5 minutes ago, yet we haven’t received a message in days. You don’t want to know when someone was last online – because you shouldn’t bother to read between lines if they don’t exist.It is this adventurous spirit that fosters one of the remarkable ambitious characteristics of our race.Since a young age, my parents taught me to strive to work hard and do my best at what I put my mind to.

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Even Facebook and online dating sites tell us when someone was last active.You’ll end up having the time to get to know the matches you do have, because you’re not trying to find time to message 100 people.Try actually reading the profile before you message someone!I was encouraged to find peers who motivated, inspired and set an example for me.When it came to moving away from home, no questions were asked about how far away from home I would go as it was a given that spreading my wings would mean that a destination far afield would be the correct one if I chose. The type of man I would one day marry felt like a choice that had been left to me, but with so many pre-determinations that it no longer felt like a choice at all.The concept of dating has changed, and we live in a brave new world when it comes to looking for love.

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