Dating the pisces man


Maybe this is just an online dating thing, but from my end it was like so many females were doing that.The shocking thing I found was that a lot of the people who contacted me didn’t seem to read my profile.For example, a woman’s profile would say things along the lines of “Don’t contact me if you don’t have X amount of money” or “Losers, don’t even bother as I will just delete your message.” While I get it where a person has probably gotten overwhelmed with bad matches, to me reading things like that makes me interpret that the person is in a sense “mean spirited” or “ego centric” where it is all about them.

I did try online dating before though so I have some knowledge and experience in it.The site I tried just happened to have a ton of quizzes you could try for fun where at the same time this is supposed to rate your personality where others can see how much of a match you are value wise to another person.Based on what I saw here with this documentary, I think that is probably a key differentiator.One theme that a lot of the questions here revolve around are people who meet or attempt to find their partner from an online dating site.For whatever reason, like in many other situations people find that the person doesn’t seem to be the person advertised on the site.But it made me think if there was anything from my experience that could help you screen out and get a person like me to communicate with you.

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