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This nerdy guy can't satisfy his girlfriend both financially and sexually.

However, there is one way to solve these problems at once if he lets her rich Internet friend fuck her for cash.

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His honey has a perfect pussy and the more he watches her fuck the more he loves her.

However, he later came up with a kinky plan to make some money on his honey being fond of mature cock and sold the bitch to some rich guy who had a sex fantasy to fuck a chick in front of her boyfriend's eyes.

Damn, this slut must have been dreaming about it for years.

Now everybody gets their kinky wishes fulfilled with the chick fucking a total stranger for cash and her bf watching the whole thing and enjoying every moment of it.

When the fridge is empty this teeny is not just hungry for food.

He knows his future wife always wanted him to watch her fuck another guy and now it finally happens.

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