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IMPORTANT: Listing a study does not mean it has been evaluated by the U. Before participating in a study, talk to your health care provider and learn about the risks and potential benefits.It is not probable that the offender knew or was personally acquainted w/ any of the victims. report The autopsy reports for these eight incidents indicate that the assailant, in all but three cases, resorted to multiple attacks on his victims, using a firearm and at least one bladed weapon.Rather, they were strangers to him and became victims simply b/c they were available to him when he chose the site for his attacks. The female victims of incidents #1 and #6 escaped post-mortem mutilation for varying reasons: As a result of the unavailability of other forensic reports (toxicology/serology), no further comment can be made regarding these areas.Mutilation of his victim’s sexual organs represents both the sexual inadequacy of the offender as well as his anger toward them.

It was at that moment that the offender chose to strike, utilizing surprise, speed and an immediately incapacitating weapon.

sexual activity at known “lover’s lanes” or camp grounds during hours of darkness, the demographics of the surrounding area as well as the absence of information suggesting that these areas are considered high-crime areas, would suggest that these victims could be considered low-risk.

As low-risk victims, it is not likely that they were particularly targeted for assault by the offender, but were simply victims of opportunity who were randomly available to him at the time and place he chose to engage in his assaults.

This particular style of approach is generally indicative of an assailant who has doubts about his own ability to control his victims, who feels sufficiently inadequate in interacting with “LIVE” victims, or who feels incapable of direct confrontation.

Assault The offender utilizing a “blitz” approach, discharged his weapon multiple times at close range, focusing first on the male victim, thereby negating his most immediate threat.

During the 17 years spanning these attacks, it is quite likely that the offender would have had the opportunity to replace this weapon with another, perhaps a more powerful one. Furthermore, in spite of having left ejected cartridge casings behind at all the crime scenes, the offender has retained his weapon throughout this series of assaults.

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