Dating anniversary symbols

These could be the date of independence of the nation or the adoption of a new constitution or form of government.

The important dates in a sitting monarch's reign may also be commemorated, an event often referred to as a "jubilee".

Silk handcuffs and restraints: These can ignite quite the spark in the bedroom! Silk boxers: So maybe they're a bit cliche, but we still love 'em. Silk-covered photo album: Fill it with pics of your many years together for the ideal trip down memory lane. Silk tie: He may not want a tie as a gift, but if it's made of silk, we're pretty sure he'll change his mind. Silk scarf: Let her know you love her and you love her style too! Silk roses: An arrangement of silk flowers is classy and romantic.

Monogrammed silk handkerchiefs: For an old-fashioned, dapper kind of gift. Silk wall hanging: Get something stylish you can both enjoy.

Today, many loving spouses still celebrate their one year wedding anniversary with a paper gift: Stationary, an art print, or paper jewelry.

Why do we follow this tradition, and why do we give paper? ) Although there is no definitive answer why paper is the traditional 1st anniversary gift, there are many different theories circulating about the symbolism of paper and the first year of marriage.

For example, the first event is the initial occurrence or, if planned, the inaugural of the event.

One year later would be the first anniversary of that event.

Since crystal is a type of glass, other glassware is acceptable and will, in fact, complement the crystal.You can use a clip, such as a monogrammed clip, instead of a slider.Just make sure that whatever you use has plenty of crystal sparkle.The Latin phrase dies natalis (literally "birth day") has become a common term, adopted in many languages, especially in intellectual and institutional circles, for the anniversary of the founding ("legal or statutory birth") of an institution, such as an alma mater (college or other school).In ancient Rome, the [dies] Aquilae natalis was the "birthday of the eagle", the anniversary of the official founding of a legion.The flower is the rose, the gemstone is the ruby (or, alternatively, Alexandrite). When choosing cardstock, consider sparkly, crystal-like cardstock and/or red.

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